Author Topic: 1976 AMF Pro Classic
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The date was February 21, 1976, the $100,000 AMF Pro Classic was held at Garden City Bowl, Garden City, NY. The final match was between Dick Weber and Earl Anthony. It was the only time I can ever remember that Dick and Earl bowled one another for a title. It's hard to believe both are now gone. Earl was in a position to close out Dick, when Earl threw probably one of the worst shots of his life while needing a strike for the title. In the end, Dick Weber won his 25th title, untieing him with Don Johnson for the all time title lead. The title also gave Dick $500,000 in lifetime winnings on the tour, a number that by today's standards seems hard to believe. Dave Diles and Nelson Burton Jr. had the call that day. You have to love Earl's shirt, and glasses too! The alternate that day, in the bright yellow shirt was Steve Neff. At the end of the first clip, is that Pete Weber sitting there with long hair, and dark sunglasses?. In the 2nd clip, Earl showed great class in not only being interviewed, but in complementing Dick in his many bowlers in defeat would do that these days? Anyway, sit back, and enjoy the following clips.