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We go back to November 19, 1977, where two of the top bowlers in the world met in the finals of the $100,000 Brunswick World Open. Marshall Holman qualified 3, won his opening two matches to meet Mark Roth, who qualified first. Up to this time, the match became one of the most exciting and energetic championship matches played up to that time as Marshall made his run at 300, and a $10,000 bonus. It's amazing to see how much hook both of them got for 1977.  I believe Mark Roth was 26 at the time, and Holman 23. NBC used to cover this tournament, and the announcers were Jack Buck and Dave Davis. One of the oddest things shown here is take note after Marshall's 7th frame the long drag he takes on his cigarette going into commercial. This would never be shown today. The production is very basic, with the scoreboard is done by hand. Thank you to Brian for the tape, and I hope you enjoy the two part recording of the entire finals, commercial free.

Brunswick Northern Bowl, Glendale Heights, Ill., Nov 13-19, 1977
Holman Near-Perfect In World

In one of the most thrilling and action-packed nationally televised championship rounds in PBA history, fiery Marshall Holman defeated three opponents to win the coveted $100,000 Brunswick World Open.

Holman opened with victories over Emmett Shutes and Pete Couture before out-dueling top-seeded Mark Roth, 277-250, in the title match to capture the $14,000 top prize.

It was Holman's fifth career victory and second of the season. Ironically, his other victory in 1977 came when he teamed with Roth to win the $55,000 PBA Doubles Classic at San Jose, Calif.

"Mark is one of my best friends on the tour but I did not feel bad about beating him," Holman said. "I led thistournament for five of the seven rounds and I feel I deserve to be the champion."


Pos. Name, City/State Total Amount

1 Marshall Holman, Medford, Ore. 723 (3 games) $14,000
2 Mark Roth, Staten Island, N.Y. 250 (1 game) 7,500
3 Pete Couture, Windsor, Conn. 212 (1 game) 5,000
4 Emmett Shutes, State College, Pa. 393 (2 games) 4,000
5 Mike Durbin, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 199 (1. game) 3,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Shutes defeated Durbin, 205-199; Holman defeated Shutes, 233-188; Holman defeated Couture. 213-212, and in the championship game, Holman defeated Roth, 277-250.