This was posted on the PBA forum as one of the worst spare shooting performances in a TV finals (1986 King Louie Open).  The clip shows the title match between Mark Baker and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. where each player opens in the 10th frame.  Very interesting to watch.

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not the worst spare misses but maybe one of the worst final matches in terms of marks(just the bad shots of the match which is most of it):

found it somewhere once
King Louie West Lanes, Overland Park, Kan., Mar 11-15, 1986

Baker Crowned In King Louie

Mark Baker overcame four open frames in the title game, including the ninth and 10th frames, and stopped No. 1 seed Walter Ray Williams Jr., 183-176, to capture the $130,000 King Louie Open.

The victory was worth $21,000 to Baker, who ended a two-year victory drought and re-qualified for the prestigious Firestone Tournament of Champions.

Baker failed to convert the 2-8 spare in the ninth and 10th frames of the championship game, leaving Williams only a mark away from winning back-to-back titles. But Williams, coming off his True Value Open win in Peoria, Ill., left the almost impossible 8-10 split in his 10th frame and had to settle for the $12,000 second-place check. Baker, who averaged 253 in winning his first three matches, said, "I had my chances and it was in my hands. I threw two horrendous shots and ended up winning anyway."

Baker opened the nationally televised finals with an easy 246-184 decision over Dave Husted. He then eliminated former collegiate All-America performers Mike Jasnau, 266-244, and Marc McDowell, 247-202, to advance to the title match.



Pos. Name, City/State Total Amount
1 Mark Baker, Garden Grove, Calif. 942 (4 games) $21,000
2 Walter Ray Williams Jr., Stockton, Calif. 176 (1 game) 12,000
3 Marc McDowell, Madison, Wis. 202 (1 game) 8,000
4 Mike Jasnau, Wichita, Kan. 244 (1 game) 6,000
5 Dave Husted, Milwaukie, Ore. 184 (1 game) 5,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS - Baker defeated Husted, 246-184; Baker defeated Jasnau, 266-244; Baker defeated McDowell, 247-202; and in the championship game, Baker defeated Williams, 183-176.