The date was April 13, 1991 at Woodland Bowl, Indianapolis. Pete Weber put on an incredible performance in the finals of the U.S. Open qualifying 5th, and plowing through the field of Dave Ferraro, John Mazza, Richard Wolfe and finally shooting 289 against tournament leader, Mark Thayer to capture his 2nd U.S. Open (he now has won 4 U.S. Opens), and the $40,000 first prize. Ironically, Weber never planned to be a part of the championship round. In fact, he had checked out of his hotel on Wednesday, anticipating he would fall short of the projected cut to the top 60 - he qualified 58th. His next fateful turn occurred when he grabbed the 24th and final berth for match play, thus equaling a record shared by just nine other players (including himself) in PBA history to advance to the title from 24th place.

This match is most famous for the trophy presentation, more than anything else. When Pete held up the trophy, the eagle on top wasn't not properly attached, and it came crashing down breaking into a thousand pieces. The look on Pete's face is priceless. I hope you enjoy part 1 and part 2.

Part 1:

Part 2: