The date was April 8, 1995 where the finals of the 1995 US Open took place at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI before a record vocal crowd of 7,212. This is the exciting semi-final match between Paul Koehler and Steve Hoskins. This was Koehler's first appearence on the Pro Bowlers Tour. The winner of this match would meet Dave Husted for the championship. Koehler now bowls out of the Detroit area, and in fact, I had the opportunity to cross with him in the most recent Detroit Masters tournament. He still has the great form you see here. The top of the video shows short clips of each of the top 24 finishers who didn't make TV, something that they always did during 1995.

Let's join Chris Shenkel and Bo Burton for the call.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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