Author Topic: 1983 True Value Open - Earl Wins #40
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First of all I apologize that the quality of this clip is poor, but it's the only tape that I have acquired (once again from Brian) that has Earl Anthony before the senior tour.

This particular clip took place on February 26, 1983 at the True Value Open. Earl was 44 years old, and had qualified 1st. He had struggled most of the year up to this point of the season. They mentioned that the week before Earl practiced 100 games, and I guess it paid off. Although he is not shown, a very young Walter Ray Williams Jr. qualified 3rd in this tournament, and lost to Mal Acosta. Acosta I believe won 3 PBA events, with most of his success coming in the early 80s.

Earl was the smoothest, methodical bowler I have ever witnessed. He ranks as my all time favorite bowler. In other postings on this board, he has been described as quite a gentlemen, and went out of his way for people. He is still missed through out the bowling community.

In the final match between Mal Acosta, Mal needed to strike in the 10 frame to capture the title, but left a weak 10. Therefore, Earl won title #40, and $27,000. A side note, Acosta was using a Force III ball, and a kinetic controller on his wrist. As a 17 year old in 1983, I got sucked in and bought a kinetic controller. I also used a Force III as well!

I hope you can get past the poor quality, and at least somewhat remember how Earl once bowled. Enjoy!

Landmark Recreation Center, Peoria, III., Feb 22-26, 1983
Anthony's Practice Proves "Value-Able"

The score was 224-220, but that barely begins to tell the story of Earl Anthony, who in just six short weeks earlier in the year was the object of a lot of talk. Was he losing his desire? Was his game starting to slip?The cure was simple. He went out the week before the $150,000 True Value Open and practiced at least 100 games. Practice proved Anthony to be nearly perfect.

As the qualifying leader, Anthony first watched non-champion Gil Sliker lose to Tom Baker, 244-195, and then world champion horseshoe player Walter Ray Williams Jr. roll to a 269-208 win over Baker. Mal Acosta was next up, and he took the measure of Williams, 228-207. Anthony then stepped into win his 40th PBA title and the $27,000 first prize.


Pos. Name, City/State Total Amount

1 Earl Anthony, Dublin, Calif. 224 (1 game) $27,000
2 Mal Acosta, Hayward, Calif. 448 (2 games) 14,000
3 Walter Ray Williams Jr., Pomona, Calif. 476 (2 games) 8,500
4 Tom Baker, Buffalo, N.Y. 452 (2 games) 7,000
5 Gil Sliker, Washington, N.J. 195 (1 game) 6,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS - Baker defeated Sliker, 244-195; Williams defeated Baker, 269-208: Acosta defeated Williams, 228-207: and in the championship game, Anthony defeated Acosta, 224-220.