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It was August 13, 1974 at the $50,000 NEW JERSEY OPEN held at Edison Lanes, Edison, N.J. Don McCune, father of current PBA bowler, Eugene McCune, qualified 4th. He moved up the stepladder defeating Don Johnson, Joe Berardi, and Marshall Holman to meet Carmon Salvino in the title match. Both players spared twice to open the title game. Then Salvino doubled in the third and fourth frames and added three more in the seventh, eighth and ninth frames and McCune just couldn't catch up. Salvino ended up defeating McCune 208-192. McCune collected $2,900 for his 2nd place finish.

This event aired on HBO Sports, and the commentators were Dick Stockton and Skee Foremsky. It was also Berardi and Holman's first appearance on TV. The TV production is very primitive. Stockton is not very informative. I guess you have to start somewhere in TV commentating. I will have future posts concerning this tournament, as it's very interesting.

McCune, a year earlier in 1973, had an oustanding season, capturing 6 titles greatly assisted by his discovery of soaking a bowling ball to soften up the shell to gain an advantage. Here's a little more info:

In the 1970's, Don McCune, a PBA player, discovered that if you soaked a ball with a particular solvent (Methyl Ethyl Ketone, aka "mek") it made the surface of hard polyester balls softer, resulting in more hook and higher scores. He won several events that year; the PBA and ABC ultimately banned this practice and initiated a standard for the hardness of a ball.

Also, take note a very young Joe Berardi who was interviewed by Dick Stockton.

Larry Lichstein:

The tournament was held at Edison Lanes,owned by Tommy Swales! Edison Lanes also hosted a PBA stop in 1967! The Suswald 5 gamer was also held there! Holman"s hair on that show was rediculous,what a mop! Edison had 80 lanes at the time it was built,it was the largest center in the US! Carmen won the tournament throwing a 78 hardness white dot! It was a 4D series,these balls bled and because Carmen was so secretive,many thought he was using a soaker! Soakers had been banned the year before! The pro's wanted bleeders,and after this win it was sugested to Columbia,to make a bleeder ball! Their next intro was the Yellow Dot Bleeder!