Besides being a fan of bowling, I enjoy to bowl as well.  I've been a bowler since I was 3 years old.  On February 28, 2006, I bowled my 2nd perfect game, of which my friend Lyle caught the 12th ball on camera phone.  

On October 24, 2006, I bowled my third 300 game, which was part of my high series.  I shot 266-267-300 for an 833 series.  Luckily, my buddy Lyle had his camera phone again, and caught the 12th strike.

Here are a couple of links of me bowling:  Using a Storm Charge  Using a Storm Domination

Here are details about the 2007 Detroit Masters that I competed in over the past two weekends ending Jan 28, 2007.  I qualified 27th, and finished in 8th place after match play.  On the PBA Viper condition, I averaged about 199 for 25 games.``

You can stream my interview on the Lets Go Bowling Show from March 27, 2007 by clicking on the player below:

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