Author Topic: Ernie Schlegel lookback
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This clip was taken from the recent marathon on ESPN Classic. There is so much material here, I didn't know where to start. The tournament was the 1979 Miller Highlife Classic bowled on Jan 6, 1979, that was won by Carmon Salvino (I have to get him posted here, too). Ernie caught my eye, because I actually remember him bowling this tournament as it happened on that particular Sat. afternoon. I was 13 at the time, and I can remember Ernie and his outfits, and the Mr. USA thing. The tape made reference to his "mental advisor" as well. It's interesting to see that his form in 1979 did not differ much from the 1996 tournament where he defeated Randy Pederson. Ernie ended up finishing in 4th place, earning $5,000. At the time, he had the distinction of winning the most money without ever earning a title. Hope you enjoy the clip.